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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Venetian shipyards and other buildings close to Chania Old Port. Τα Ενετικά Νεώρια (ναυπηγεία ) στο παλιό λιμάνι των Χανίων.

The Venetians had a large commercial fleet to do their trading, and during the occupation of Crete they built shipyards (Arsenali), for the repairs of their ship. They built them around 1600 A.D. and they were well protected inside the old port. A total of 17 were built, of which 7 are still remaining. On the seaside, they were almost in the water, for slipping the ship in and out of the sea easily.
This is their land side.

The side view and the view from the sea. (The central building in the photo).

Τα Ενετικά Νεώρια (ναυπηγεία) από πάνω. Φτιαγμένα γύρω στο 1600 για τις ανάγκες επισκευών το Ενετικού Στόλου. Από τα 17 που φτιάχτηκαν σώζονται τα 7.

"Yali Tzami" The first muslim mosque built in Chania, after the Turks occupied the island in !649.
To "Γιαλί Τζαμισί" . Το πρώτο μουσουλμανικό τζαμί που χτίστηκε στα Χανιά μετά την κατάληψη της Κρήτης απόι τους Τούρκους το 1649.
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