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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Modern Slavery

Most of you, my friends, have probable heard at the news about the unrest, the demonstrations and the protests here in Athens and other cities in Greece.
Most of what you hear and see is probably true, although some facts might be really exaggerated. My blog was started to show you some of my photographs but I must make an exception today and share with you my opinion.
What is happening here, is that the people in the streets and squares of Athens are mostly those who are called to pay the price for the crimes of others. Those who are suffering most from the new measures are those the least responsible for the crisis. Years of inefficient, bad and corrupt management of the country have resulted in the amass of a huge national debt. The DE-industrialization of the country has resulted in a large number of unemployed, especially among the younger generation. Younger people, educated or not are fleeing the country in search of a job and a better life somewhere else.The continuing fall of the prices of agricultural products and the rising costs of farming, has resulted in the decline of agricultural produce.
Those governing us, for years now, were not taking any measures to make reforms earlier. The only way they could find to stay in power, was by getting loans from foreign countries and institutions, which loans were NEVER used for development or exploring new ways and finding new resources to improve the national income. They were spreading the money between themselves and those supporting them.
This was done, with the officials and richer countries in the European Union knowing that sometime this was going to happen. You can not get new loans to pay the doses for the old ones. It is common sense. But maybe they do not have the common sense. Or they were planning all this.
Voices from all around the world talking about measures which should have been taken decades ago, were censored and depressed. Maybe this was their plan. To bring the country just one step forward, closer to destruction.
People, like BobChapman, have been talking about this for years now. Nobody heard. They have been talking that Greece, as the weak link of the European Union is used as test field. Other countries will follow soon. Countries like Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy are just awaiting their turn. The Big Bankers who are the true masters of today’s economies and they govern the world according to what they think is good to them, have planned this long time ago.
After exploiting the resources and the peoples of the countries of the developing world, they have turned their attention elsewhere. The big corporations are looking our way, for new cheaper labor. For more earnings. For modern slavery.
The World Bank, the IMF, the Central European Bank new this was going to happen, if they had not planned this beforehand, and they allowed it.
And now government and media are trying to tell us how necessary are the measures to save the country and our economy. Or how to save them and their jobs, which are well payed and always profitable.
They are trying to terrorize and intimidate the people, repeating how bad things are going to get if the people do not agree and the representatives at the Parliament do not vote according to their wishes. To intimidate and terrorize the protesting people, the people who have seen their pensions cut, their jobs lost their earnings shrink, they are using hordes of those calling themselves “journalists”. An army of illiterate and ignorant people, working for the corporations controlling the newspapers and mass media, are spreading the terror by stressing the destructive results of a negative vote. They are never talking with facts. They are just repeating the opinions of their masters because they are not capable of having an opinion of their own. Opposing voices are suppressed and forbidden. Those who are struggling to survive, to live in dignity and pride must be thrown in the fire.
Earlier this afternoon, the ruling majority of the so called “Socialist” party voted and passed the new measures in the House of Parliament.
They put around the necks of all those who were living bellow poverty limits, the rope to be hanged.
When they are going to kick the stall under their feet, away, is only a matter of time.
The people of Greece will be living in a new age of slavery under the strong from now on.
We are awaiting to see which country and which people are going to be next.

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