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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lindos, Rhodes.(II) Λίνδος, Ρόδος(II)

The ancient city of Lindos was first founded by the Dorians, (an ancient Greek tribe) at approximately the 10th century B.C. By the 8th century BC, it had become a major city and trading center in the eastern Mediterranean. After the foundation of the city of Rhodes at approximately the 5th century, begun the decline of Lindos. The acropolis on the top of the rock, was occupied by the massive temple of Athena Lindia (of Lindos). In later years, after 300 BC and the occupation by the Romans, more buildings were added around the temple and the city grew.
A large fortress was built, covering most of the area at around the 14th century AD, by the knights of St John who had occupied the island after the crusades and wanted to defend it from the threats of the Ottomans.
The fortress is still standing in good shape as you can see, and on top of the rocky acropolis, one can find and see all the signs of the history of the city which extends to over 3000 years.
Thousands of visitors are arriving to the island of Rhodes every day during the tourist period which lasts from March to October, and many visit the site, arriving either by boat or with coaches from the places they stay around the island. After they visit the antiquities and the ruins, they spend the rest of the day at the beautiful beach under the ancient site.
Δεν νομίζω να χρειλάζονται να γράψω όσα έγραψα για τους ξένους φίλους που με παρακολουθούν. Μόνο πως η ομορφιά του τοπίου, η υπέροχη παραλία και το δέος που σε καταλαμβάνει όταν νιώθεις να σε περιτριγυρίζει ιστορία πάνω από 3000 χρόνια, είναι αρκετά για μια επίσκεψη στην Λίνδο. Η εμπειρία είναι μοναδική.

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