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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chios of Greece. An island with history, perfumes and hospitality(I). Χίος. Ένα νησί με ιστορία, αρώματα και φιλοξενία(I).

I am back with you my friends. I have missed you all during my short absence. I had to be at the wedding of the beautiful daughter of a good friend of mine. It was at Chios, a Greek island very close to Turkey. I took the opportunity to stay there for a couple of days more, before and after the wedding, to see the island myself, and take a few photographs to share with you.

The island has a long history, dating back to 3000 BC, according to archeological finds during excavations. It also one of the seven places, claiming to be the native place of Homer. I think it must be the most probable as there are many names of places related to Homer.

I will not keep you occupied for long with the history of the island, as I plan to refer to it as we look together at the photographs in my future posts. I will only say this about the more recent history. The island became famous, after the distinguished french painter Eugene Delacroix, painted the "Massacre of the island of Chios". When the island joined the revolution of the Greeks against the Turks, in 1822, the Sultan, ordered his army to slaughter the local Christian-Greek population.
To start my posts on the island, I will publish a few photographs of the town and the port and the full moon as I saw it last night, while waiting to board the aircraft for my return home.

Απουσίασα μερικές μέρες φίλοι μου και πρέπει να παραδεχτώ πως μου λείψατε. Έπρεπε να παρευρεθώ στον γάμο της όμορφης κόρης ενός καλού μου φίλου, που έγινε στην Χίο. Βρήκα την ευκαιρία να μείνω στο νησί μερικές μέρες παραπάνω, για να το γνωρίσω και να βγάλω μερικές φωτογραφίες να τις μοιραστούμε. Το νησί έχει μιά μακρά ιστορία από το 3000 π.Χ. μέχρι και τις μέρες μας και πολλές ομορφιές που θα δούμε μαζύ. Για την ώρα, ξεκινώ με μερικές φωτογραφίες από την πόλη και το λιμάνι και την χθεσινοβράδυνη πανσέληνο που φωτογράφισα όπως περίμενα το αεροπλάνο που θα μ' έφερνε πίσω στην Αθήνα και την καθημερινότητα.
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