Photographs of nature, places and objects that have caught my eye.

Φωτογραφίες απο την φύση, απο τόπους και αντικείμενα που μου χτύπησαν στο μάτι.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Spanish Broom and guests. Σπάρτα και επισκεπτες.

The last remaining of the beautiful yellow flowers on the bush of the Spanish Broom or Weaver's Broom.
(Spartium junceum). A bush so common in Greece and around the Mediterranean coast. They were in full bloom about a couple of weeks ago on the hills of Imittos. Now, the last remaining flowers were hosting some guests.
Τα τελευταία λουλουδια από τα Σπάρτα που στολίζουν τον Υμηττό. Μερικά φιλοξενούν επισκέπτες.

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